Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy (2017) Full Movie Online



The dull secondary school thriller-comic drama has known endless variations, the pinnacle maybe being the undying “Heathers” (1988). Limping into the pantheon is the level “Bad Kids of Crestview Academy,” a continuation of “Bad Kids Go to Hell,” a 2012 adjustment of a 2009 comic-book smaller than usual arrangement. Like its antecedent, this new “Bad Kids” is a “Breakfast Club” with phlebotomy; here, private academy understudies in Saturday detainment are caught on grounds to bite the dust one by one because of a secretive predator.

The prime examples incorporate Siouxsie, a cruiser riding rebel (Sammi Hanratty), exploring the passing of her sister years before; a congressperson’s irritable child (a commendable Colby Arps); a gay street pharmacist (Matthew Frias); a pastor’s little girl (Sophia Taylor Ali); and a feline fancier (Erika Daly).

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