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Opening months after the century of the First World War, the lavish yet grave element presentation of TV chief James Kent is a commendable and moving tribute to that blossoming era whose memory sprouted so tremendously a year ago as the Tower of London’s well known dry channel ran blood red with more than 800,000 poppies. A field of these blossoms enhances a great part of the film’s special material, the U.S. one-sheet specifically, increasing their tint to a fire that is precisely characteristic of this atypically striking biopic.

Confirmation of Youth is both the transitioning and key-witness record of Vera Brittain (Alicia Vikander), a free-disapproved and irrepressible women’s activist who, resolved to sit exams for Oxford and be her own lady, was out of the blue molded and always shadowed by the flare-up of WWI.

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