In The Blood (2016) Full Movie Online



It’s mid year in Copenhagen; a period of unending days and cheerful evenings. Simon (23) goes to medicinal school with his closest companion Knud (23).

Together with their companions SOREN and ESBEN the young men gathering, drink and pursue young ladies and awaken the following day just to do the entire thing once more. However, it is likewise a period of progress between the companions and when everybody, aside from Simon, chooses its opportunity to offer their common loft, it makes a growing pressure inside the gathering. While the others float towards the place of refuge of adulthood, Simon is not prepared to relinquish his breezy pre-adult life. He gets to be distinctly stricken with a barkeep, EMILIE (22), yet can’t recognize his developing affection for her. This exclusive sends him more profound into a universe of ceaseless gatherings, which gradually undermines to crush his kinships.

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