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Legend has it that the expression “lobbyist” started amid the administration of Ulysses S. Give, who alluded to the candidates assaulting him with solicitations for support as “lobbyists” since they generally trapped him while he was attempting to unwind with a cognac in the hall of the Willard Hotel in Washington. The DC Mythbusting Series has exposed that story, finding the term being used as far back as the 1600s (dependably with a similar wheeler-merchant implication). Whatever the case might be, “lobbyists” are still with us, and who or what they speak to is regularly shrouded in secret, making them powerful grub for connivance scholars and suspicious political thrillers.

One specific lobbyist a savage take-no-detainees individual named Elizabeth Sloane, played by Academy Award chosen one Jessica Chastain is the focal point of John Madden’s “Miss Sloane.”

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