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Some of the time a motion picture comes around that just gets under your skin and slithers around for a short time. Possessing all the necessary qualities, Parasites, coordinated and composed by Chad Ferrin (The Ghouls 2003, Easter Bunny Kill! Murder! 2006) is a Horror Thriller enlivened by unique mountain man John Colter’s Escape From Blackfoot Indians in 1809.

A Crappy World Films, in relationship with Girls and Corpses, with dispersion by means of 108 Media, the film that advanced around the celebration circuit at long last observes expansive discharge on VOD as of January 24th.The story rotates around Marshal Colter (Sean Samuels: Waiting In The WingsThe Musical 2014, The Goldbergs arrangement 2014), who is one of three USC rookies that gets themselves lost and stranded on Los Angeles’ the slum push amidst the night.

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