The Odyssey (2016) Full Movie Online



All the best material is discovered submerged in Jérôme Salle’s true however stumbling Jacques Cousteau biopic. In case will title your film “The Odyssey,” you should be quite sure it has enough story heave and push to legitimize the Homeric inference. Big name oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s life was inarguably rich in achievements and overflowing with accounts, yet notwithstanding some sumptuous exhibition, Jerome Salle’s watery biopic doesn’t put forth a defense for it as the stuff of awesome silver screen.

Spreading over around 30 years, as it takes after the Frenchman’s advancement from capriciously driven maritime officer to globally loved traveler and scientist, the film ramblingly ticks off the years without finding a stirring historical circular segment in its subject’s proficient or individual exercises and for quite a bit of its running time, seems torn between disclosing to Cousteau’s story and that of his disastrous child and colleague Philippe.

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