Candiland (2016) Full Movie Online



As of late separated and shattered, Tess gets herself deserted at a bar on a night out. There she experiences the whimsical and rich Peter a man reviled with the state of increased tactile observation and urgently scanning for a minute’s tranquility. The two in a split second begin to look all starry eyed at and pull back to Peter’s loft for a long and addicting relationship. Days of euphoria go by however when Tess acknowledges she ought to leave and resume her life, Peter proposes an unsafe thought separate each other in his flat to make their own particular unadulterated reality; one free of agony and the manages of society.

Presently, cut off from the world and bolted inside what Peter calls Candiland, the significant others leave on a one sided journey for a higher presence. In any case, gradually, they start to drop into franticness transforming the once mates into mortal foes.

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