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I know precisely what essayist/chief Jeff Ferrell was going for when he set out to make Dead West (initially titled The Ladykiller, which suits the film better).

He was enchanted with movies like The Hitcher and William Lustig’s Maniac, which he affectionately praises in his own particular film in a broadened scene set at a drive-in where we see a scandalous minute from Lustig’s foul slasher magnum opus. Ferrell’s film is persuaded that the story it’s telling is basic, and his script is arrogant, however he commits a few major errors as he lays the motion picture out in an about two-hour running time. The film is about a person who knows precisely the sort of man he will be: He’s a fierce, unlikable serial executioner who preys on appealing ladies he meets, at times lays down with in inn rooms, and murders them the minute he understands that they’re not the lady he had always wanted.

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