Scars (2016) Full Movie Online



Joan Burrows (Bettis) comes back to the place where she grew up for her niece’s graduation, just to be stood up to by the serial executioner she thought she offed years prior after he hijacked and tormented her and her closest companion.

Another in the long line of Saw like torment p*rn films. The trick is that the executioner torments you before your companion and he will quit harming you in the event that you instruct him to murder your companion. What amount do you think about your loved ones when the torment gets excessively extraordinary for you, making it impossible to shoulder. To be straightforward neither of our courageous women hold up too well when tormented, they both advise the executioners to murder their companions. How would you live with the blame of being a piece of the slaughtering of your closest companion?

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