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Everybody in The Covenant, Renny Harlin’s substantial metal-tinged cut at the adolescent witch classification, is simple on the eyes. That is great, since it implies no less than two substantial organs are protected. The ears, pounded every step of the way by a soundtrack of annoyingly boisterous metal and booming swooshing commotions, don’t passage so well. What’s more, because of a slapdash, to a great degree unsurprising plot and an insignificant witchy shorthand (Book Of Damnation? Check. Cool-sounding heavenly terms like “darkling”? Check.), the mind is essentially overlooked all through.

The Covenant (or High-School Warlock Power Struggle, as it’s certain to be brought in universal discharge) concerns The Sons Of Ipswich, a quartet of absolutely magnificent brothers who are relatives of the first five families that settled a Massachusetts town in the 1600s.

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