Therapy (2016) Full Movie Online



Therapy begins solid. We take after a trio of youngsters as they appear at a neglected house for a spot of hitting the bottle hard and spray painting labeling, yet the trio are unconsciously the star of a super-8 motion picture and things don’t turn out well. The activity bounced to police analysts Jane (Nathalie Couturier) and Simon (Rémy Jobert) as they are called into a similar working to explore some blood splatters. They reveal camera film and start watching the tapes planning to uncover intimations with respect to what happened.

The tapes contain the tale of Steven (Julien Croquet), Stephanie (Vanessa Azzopardi), Olivia (Luna Belan), Sam (Tania Rieu) and Sebastien (Nathan Ambrosioni), a gathering whose end of the week away in the nation takes a dim and dangerous turn.

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